Play Music on Jukebox.cash – a Bitcoin Cash Infused Global Playlist

Play Music on Jukebox.cash a Bitcoin Cash Infused Global Playlist


Just recently a developer launched a new bitcoin-centric web application called Jukebox.cash, an online Jukebox that features a global playlist shared in real time. Users from all around the world can choose music video selections from Youtube for a fraction of bitcoin cash (BCH), and the video will be played on the Jukebox.cash platform.

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Jukebox.cash an Online Jukebox That Plays a Global Playlist in Real-Time for Small Fractions of BCH

A jukebox is a classic machine that allows individuals to play songs from the device after depositing coins into the machine. Traditionally a jukebox will play a list of chosen songs in succession and everyone near the device will hear other people’s songs in the playlist. Jukebox.cash is an online jukebox that anyone can use by simply paying a small amount of BCH. The cool thing about the platform is you can see the songs other people have chosen in real-time and skip them if you don’t favor the particular track. Moreover when paying for a song to be added to the global playlist, some of the funds are donated to the Venezuelan nonprofit ‘eatBCH.’

Play Music on Jukebox.cash a Bitcoin Cash Infused Global Playlist Young Thug featuring Niki Minaj is currently playing on Jukebox.cash at the time of publication.

The developer of Jukebox.cash explains last week that he made the platform to show the community how simple it is to create cool bitcoin cash infused protocols onto web applications.

“I made this — Please have a look and give it a try,” explains the developer and Reddit user /u/knj77.

I wanted to let people know that it is very easy to incorporate BCH into web services, so I created this.

Play Music on Jukebox.cash a Bitcoin Cash Infused Global Playlist Choose your favorite artist, song, and video and add to the global playlist for a small fraction of BCH, some of the proceeds go to the charitable organization @eatBCH

Another Platform Joins the Growing Infrastructure of Bitcoin Cash ‘Killer Apps’  

Jukebox.cash has a selection section with a ‘plus and music symbol,’ where users can choose videos from their favorite music artists. The center switch has a skip button if you don’t favor the particular track that is playing at the time.

To the left, there is a volume button, and on the right sidebar is the current playlist queue of songs. While listening to Jukebox.cash for well over an hour it seems most users choose quite a bit of hip-hop and R&B tracks, but there is a variety of other types of music as well.

Jukebox.cash has three buttons including ‘add song’, ‘skip song’, and ‘volume.’ The right sidebar is the current playlist queue of songs.

To add a track to the global playlist, simply press the ‘plus and music symbol,’ and a search bar will appear where you can choose specific songs and artists. After selecting a song you want to play a BCH address and QR code will appear, and after the payment is processed the song will be added to the global music playlist. Jukebox.cash uses the Insticce platform for the payment system tied to the online music playing software.

Play Music on Jukebox.cash a Bitcoin Cash Infused Global Playlist Jukebox.cash gives a BCH address and QR code so users can add their favorite tracks to the global playlist powered by bitcoin cash.

The app is just another cool idea added to the bitcoin cash ecosystem as a slew of other platforms like Joystream, Tipme BCH, Cointext, Tippr Bot, Memo, and more join the innovative environment. It’s also interesting sharing a global music playlist with participants from all around the world to get an idea of the genres of music they are listening to these days.

What do you think about the Jukebox.cash application? Let us know your thoughts on this project in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, bitcoin cash, Jukebox.cash, and Youtube.

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